“Personages” Candlesticks
by Guildor Michaud

Leather Strip Jaw Cushion
by Wes Jones

Reproduction Antique Smoke Stand
by W. Gary Claytor

Magic Wand
by David Reed Smith

Penmaking: Laser Cut Kits
by Kurt Hertzog

Turning a Rosette
by Harry Gilliand

Bob’s One-Pagers
by Bob Gibbs

Beginner’s Corner: Beginner’s Objectives
by Robert Gulley

Special Feature: Shavings

Designer Showcase
featuring Jim Syvertsen

One-Legged Garden Stool
by Joseph Herrmann

Making Split Turnings
by John D. Williams

Make Your Own Pyrography Pen and Tips
by Joe van Keulen & Charles Mak

Turning in a New Direction
by Sam Angelo

Product Review: JT Turning Tools Vacuum System
by Kurt Hertzog

Tip-Top the Clown
by Scott Roberts

Coming Next

A Churchy Thing
by Robert Heltman

Behind the Scenes: American Association of Woodturners
by Kurt Hertzog

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Issue 49

June 2014

On the Cover: The cover is a bit unusual in that it is a piece which is comprised of multiple vessels. Miniature vessels are hard to make and get the proportions correct, but I’m sure you would agree that Jim Syvertsen has hit the nail on the head—multiple times! The vessels are made from various burls and nine of the eleven displayed are actually made from scrap. I’m sure we all have those small bits lying around that we just can’t throw away—hopefully, Jim’s work will inspire you to do something with them!

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