by David Reed Smith

Penmaking: Laser Leftovers
by Kurt Hertzog

Rogue Senior Cigar Holders
by Barry Gross

Tiger Stripe Rolling Pin
by Joseph Herrmann

Bob’s One-Pagers
by Bob Gibbs

Beginner’s Corner: Furthering Your Education
by Robert Gulley

Designer Showcase
featuring Bill Wyko

Flexible Work Light
by Rick Morris

Special Feature: FAQs

Product Review: Sorby Turnmaster
by Kurt Hertzog

Making Your Own Sanding Belts
by Ron Odegaard

Miniature Birdhouse Ornaments
by Michael Stafford

Coming Next

Behind the Scenes: Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop
by Kurt Hertzog

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Issue 50

August 2014

On the Cover: This piece by Bill Wyko is made from almost 2,000 pieces of curly maple and tropical walnut. The vessel is what first caught my eye on Facebook and was instrumental in Bill’s appearance in the Designer Show-case. It is a stunning piece and reinforces my respect for those who do segmented turnings. Cover photography by Wolf Photography.

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