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What's In This Issue
projects and features

Inside-Out Ornament
by Robert Chastain

Stone Turning: Rediscovering an Ancient Art
by Steve “Spike” Finch

Creating a Simple Pattern for Mosaic Forms
by Pam Reilly

Carbide Cutters: A Turning Revolution for Boring Bar Systems
by Lyle Jamiesonpuzzle pen

Red Mallee Textured Starburst Bowl
by Gary Miller

Special Shopmade Mandrels
by Harry Gilliand

Routed Inlay Ornament
by John Lucas

Budstikke: An Ancient Norwegian Message Stick
by Gothard Knutson

The Journey from Penturning to Penmaking
by Kurt Hertzog

Scoop Ornament
by David Reed Smith

Puzzle Pen
by Barry Gross

Bottle Stopper Trimming Jig
by Wes Jones

also in this issue

Special Reader’s Service Feature: FAQs

Designer Showcase: Steve “Spike” Finch

Beginner’s Corner: Tool Control

Darlow on Design: Mini Lathes and Tool Rests

Woodworkers Showcase 2008: More Than Just Turning

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     Winter 2009


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