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Issue 50
August 2014

August 2014

It’s really hard to believe that we have hit a major milestone with Issue #50 and that we have been publishing the magazine for over ten years, starting with the first issue in the summer of 2004. Truth be told, we actually started about six months prior to that with lining up project ideas and encouraging folks to write various articles. It’s been a struggle at times, but for the most part, it’s been a worthwhile and rewarding journey for our editorial team, our writers, and our readers. And it’s been the readers who have actually directed our journey by subscribing to Woodturning Design, by volunteering to write articles, and by sending constructive feedback. We thank you!

Joe Herman

That being said, I don’t often get feedback from readers; however, I recently received an e-mail from “Alan” with some rather pointed observations and some suggestions of what he would like to see in future issues. And it got me to thinking about the direction of the magazine—a topic that we haven’t formally reviewed for quite a while.

So, with that thought, I am asking you to send some suggestions: What topics do you want us to touch on in future articles? What specific types of projects would you like to see? Our focus has always been on the beginning and intermediate turner—should that focus change? Are our regular features still worthwhile, or do we need to change direction and, if so, to what? Should we start a regular “Tips and Tricks” feature? I know that woodturning is leaning more and more toward the “artsy” end of the spectrum to include coloring, burning, piercing, texturing, etc. However, when we started, our focus groups let us know in no uncertain terms that this was NOT what they wanted to see, but that was ten years ago. Does this still hold true or should we be devoting more space to these various techniques, and again, what would you specifically like to see?

I’m really interested in what you have to say; after all, it is YOUR magazine, and we want to offer you projects and features that you think are worthwhile. But as mentioned earlier, none of your suggestions are going to come to fruition without folks who are willing to provide the articles. So send me your suggestions (and, hopefully, offer to write an article). I can be reached at editors@woodturningdesign.com. I have a CD that is sent out to prospective authors, which I think has made the process easier. It includes such relevant topics as the submission guidelines, information about photos, and a sample project so that you can see the format. Let me know If I can send you one.

I think we have some great articles in this issue. Rick Morris shows how to make a flexible work light from ordinary plastic pipe. I’ve often wished that I had the light my dentist uses, but knowing how expensive they are, I’ve just looked from afar. This project is going on my “to do” list! Many of our readers are into making jewelry, especially pendants. David Reed Smith offers some tips on making earrings to go with the pendants. “Big Mike” Stafford tells us how to make a birdhouse ornament—an always popular project. Barry Gross makes a cigar holder, and I describe how to make a functional rolling pin, which includes a hanger so that it can be properly displayed. And finally, more and more folks are using belt sanders to sharpen their tools, so Ron Odegaard will show you a simple process to make your own belts from commercially available materials.

I hope you enjoy this issue, and I am looking forward to your suggestions on how to improve the magazine.

Happy turning
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