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Issue 49
June 2014

June 2014

I’ve taken quite a bit of good-natured ribbing for my last editorial where I said that Totally Turning in Saratoga Springs, New York, was but a memory. I work about two issues ahead and since Issue #48 was the April issue, I figured that in “magazine land” the symposium was more than over. Instead, as I write this in the beginning of March, it hasn’t even started. I’ll try to be a little more cognizant of the “actual” dates in the future.

Joe Herman

I’m rather excited about my upcoming trip to Utah to teach a five-day basic course for Craft Supplies Workshops. I tried to add up the courses I’ve taken there over the years and I can’t remember them all—I just know that they have been more than beneficial in my journey in learning the craft. It should be an interesting change being on the other side of the lathe for this class.

Every time I take a course, I think of Jennifer Shirley’s Guest Editorial in Issue #19 where she talked about “investing in your woodturning.” Taking classes helps to further our knowledge and skills, whether they are informal “hands-on” workshops at your local club or more formal ones at the various turning schools. They also serve to introduce us to new ideas and new friends. In fact, my assistant for this class will be my good friend Dick Anderson from Pocatello, Idaho. I first met Dick (and his lovely late wife, Verginia) at a class at Craft Supplies probably fifteen or more years ago. We became good friends and have taken more than a few classes together. I plan to do an article on the class in Issue #51.

This issue features a one-legged garden stool that is modeled after a milk stool, which I saw in a friend’s milking parlor. When I made the stool, I had planned to take a series of photos of me using it in my flower garden. Unfortunately, the weather this winter hasn’t cooperated with that plan and I had to improvise a bit and take the photo of me perusing my bookcase at home. I was rather upset that I couldn’t show the stool in use in the garden, but Marie (my “always positive” assistant, who keeps me on the right path and makes me look good) pointed out that the photo shows other uses for the project. It really is a functional piece and I hope that you will try it.

In addition to my garden stool, we have a great lineup of projects for this issue. For you “Harry Potter” fans out there, David Reed Smith’s magic wand steps up the ante in that department. It also makes a good prop for demos as he explains. Gary Claytor’s reproduction of an antique smoking stand gives those of you who dabble in flat work (GASP!) another project to try. Guildor Michaud’s “personages” candlesticks introduce us to some offset turning, and you will have some fine table decorations as the end result. Harry Gilliand is back and teaches us how to turn a wooden rosette. And finally, Joe van Keulen and Charles Mak show us how to make pyrography pens.

As you know, Woodturning Design is a reader-written and reader-directed publication. If you have any ideas for articles, please contact me at editors@woodturningdesign.com with photos or a brief description of your article. I will send you a CD with the submission guidelines and a sample article so that you can see the format. The process is really quite painless and you will “see your name in lights,” so to speak. Please consider sending a contribution.

Happy turning
Woodturning Design is now on Facebook! I also have a personal page and invite everyone to log on, search for both pages, and become friends. I look forward to hearing from you.

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