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Gilded Black Rim Ash Platter
Gilded Black Rim Ash Platter

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Issue 48
April 2014

April 2014

As I write this, much of the United States has started to thaw after the “Polar Vortex” shut down much of the country. Though my immediate area didn’t experience any of the massive problems that plagued much of the country, we still had some minor inconveniences. I have in-the-floor hot water heat in my shop and the circulating pump went out in the midst of the coldest night in a decade. Fortunately, I have an electric wall-mounted heater that I was able to turn on to keep the pipes from freezing until repairs could be made. For those of you who experienced worse problems, I hope that you have been able to make the necessary repairs and get back to turning.

Joe Herman

The “Symposium Season” is getting into full swing. As of this issue, Totally Turning in Saratoga Springs, New York, is a memory and The Utah Woodturning Symposium in Orem, Utah, is about to start. This will be the 35th annual gathering and the first one without Dale Nish. A tribute to Dale is being planned and I urge you to submit stories about your interactions with Dale to Susan Hendrix at utahwoodturningsymposium@gmail.com. A great lineup of demonstrators is being featured and additional information can be found on their website at www.utahwoodturning.com. I hope to see you there!

This issue features a great mix of project ideas. Craig Yost revisits turning aluminum pens; Ian Woodford shows us how to make another one of his beautiful clocks; David Reed Smith continues his sphere theme and shows us how to make one of his quirky Face Balls; and I explain how to make a black-rimmed gilded platter. I became interested in this technique on the Norwegian Woodturning Cruise and owe Jimmy Clewes a big thank-you for providing the missing piece to the puzzle.

In Issue #43, Kurt Hertzog visited Stockroom Supply in Canada to do a Behind the Scenes column on Paul Moore aka The Crazy Canadian Woodturner. Many of you might remember the various “woodturning” videos he posted on YouTube that spoofed woodturning. One of my favorites was the one where he turned a bowl mounted on the wheel of his van, using a snowplow blade for a tool rest and a sharpened pipe for the gouge. When talking with Paul, it was interesting to learn that some folks actually thought the videos were serious and he commented on some of the e-mails that he received as a result. Unfortunately, Paul passed away on December 28, 2013, after a very short illness. Paul was an interesting man to talk with and his humor was special; he will certainly be missed. His wife and family will be keeping the business going. Rest in peace, Paul!

I have an article in this issue describing the “WoW Swaps” that take place at various symposiums and turning conferences here and around the world. It is a lot of fun, and I urge you to become involved with this group and participate in the trades. You DO NOT have to be a professional turner, and half the fun is getting pieces from folks “on their way up” and to see their progression!

As you know, Woodturning Design is a reader-written and reader-directed publication. If you have any ideas for articles, please contact me at editors@woodturningdesign.com with photos or a brief description of your article. I will send you a CD with the submission guidelines and a sample article so that you can see the format. The process is really quite painless and you will “see your name in lights,” so to speak. Please consider sending a contribution.

Happy turning
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